February 25, 2022 Various Artists: Occupants V1

Science Cult’s Occupants series is now on Vinyl for the first time and with version 1 we’ve assembled a global array of artists including John Selway, Kim Cosmik, Blixaboy, Thee J Johanz, Arsonist Recorder and more. Presented as a double 12” Orange Color Vinyl LP. Astute observers may notice that there is more to the artwork than meets the eye.

We find ourselves in a distant future where the remaining population of Earth is ruled by a mysterious A.I. that calls itself EVA. EVA has sent human-piloted research vessels to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to scout for potentially habitable planets and report any findings. These are the Occupants and they’re slowly awakening as EVA’s grip on their minds erodes.

Releasing February on double 12″ orange vinyl with color cover jacket.

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