Visions of Glosters

Co-founder of Science Cult, James Freer aka Visions Of Glosters has a career in the music industry spanning nearly two decades having previously co-operated one of the largest record labels in North America. James' extensive experience and insight into the inner workings of the music industry are an integral part of everyday operations at Science Cult. James is also an accomplished DJ and producer having played venues across the US, with a multitude of releases spanning various genres under his belt.

Releases By Visions of Glosters

Jun 14 2023 Vinyl Zeta Reticula – Isolate
Aug 26 2022 Digital Various Artists – Point Central 1
Feb 25 2022 Vinyl Various Artists: Occupants V1
Oct 1 2021 Digital 214 817 972
Nov 1 2019 Vinyl Syrte vs Visions of Glosters – 759.370