drøn is a German IDM / Electro / Ambient trio, founded in the summer of 1997 as a pure studio project. The members are Christoph Abert, Ingo Zobel and Frederik Dahlke. They also have a side project named Signalform.

They had their first release in 1999 and since then have worked with many different labels, such as Science Cult, Touched Music, Touched Electronix, Dyadik, Pulse State, Móatún 7, Mindcolormusic, Mighty Force, Ping Discs, Carpe Sonum, Elektrolux, Mikrolux, Love The Chaos, Neo Ouija, TXT Recordings, Furthur Electronix, EC Underground, Abseits Recordings, Ministry of Sound, Shima Records, Music On Location and a few others.

So far their work includes 10 full length albums, a slew of 7" releases, countless appearances on compilations and also quite a few remixes for other artists, with more to come in the future.

Releases By drøn

Jul 12 2024 Vinyl drøn – Numerator Remixes
Feb 14 2024 Vinyl drøn – Numerator
Aug 26 2022 Digital Various Artists – Point Central 1