CYRK is a live show and studio duo born from the visions of two Berlin-based producers, Samy Goossens and Pascal Hetzel.

They have been busy playing around the world as a live act, bringing their Detroit-influenced blend of techno, acid and electro, as well as their love for all things italo to some of the world’s best dancefloors.  From their extensive hardware set up, they fuse tough, eyes-down grooves with propulsive basslines and restrained, melodic atmospheres.

Their studio work has led to acclaimed releases on Science Cult, Running Back, Rawax, Burial Soil, Vakant, Avoidant, Dred, Lone Romantic, International Chrome, Discos Atonicos and their own Time Zero label, as well as remixes for Fabrice Lig, DJ Hell and T99. In September 2021 they released their debut album, ‘Escaping Earth’ on Muallem’s (of-Blitz-club-fame) label, Childhood to much international acclaim.

June 2022 they released Freundschaft, a collaborative album featuring Steffi, Jensen Interceptor, Anthony Rother, Nitefleit, Alienata, Ravn Jonasson, JakoJako, David Carretta. Part two (with a great new line up of friends) will be released at the end of 2023.

There is more in the pipeline: an electronica/ambient album, a four track EP on Cormac´s Polari label, an electro EP on Cultivated Electronics and very special collaborative releases, which will be announced in due time.

Releases By CYRK

Apr 7 2023 Digital Captain Mustache – Tourbillon Nocturne Remixes
Nov 26 2021 Vinyl CYRK – Hidden Geometries
Apr 7 2023 Vinyl Captain Mustache – Tourbillon Nocturne + Remixes
Dec 11 2020 Vinyl CYRK – 656.281