Aura Nox

Aura Nox is a Dallas based DJ and producer who co-runs electro powerhouse Science Cult with powerful releases like the "Levana's Tears" EP, a split EP with Italy's Futuristant and has lent her vocals in collaboration with the enigmatic Black Merlin for Malka Tuti as well as Science Cult label co-founder Syrte.

Drawing inspiration from 80's sci-fi and horror movies, her sets morph acid house, downtempo oddities and classic electro effortlessly into her own captivating soundscapes.

With recent gigs in New York, Londong, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Berlin amongst many others, Aura Nox is pushing her own authentic style of synthwave and dark beats all across the globe.

Releases By Aura Nox

Jul 19 2023 Vinyl Syrte – 396.847
Feb 25 2022 Vinyl Various Artists: Occupants V1
Apr 30 2021 Vinyl Aura Nox – Levana’s Tears
Dec 4 2020 Digital Futuristant & Aura Nox – Universal Consequences