January 10th 2020 - Transmissions From The ErgosphereTransmissions From The Ergosphere 001

Leonardo Chevy presents his first episode of Transmissions From The Ergosphere. Featuring massive techno, electro, and acid tracks!


01. Aidin Hafezamini - Rytm Tribe (AUDIOPHILE DEEP)
02. Ancient Deep - Panty Blaster (Lauren Flax Remix) (AUDIOPHILE DEEP)
03. Syrte vs Visions Of Glosters - Satellite Funk (SCIENCE CULT)
04. BinaryFunction - Electric Weapon Sound Machine (AUDIOPHILE DEEP)
05. Signal Deluxe - Critical Value (PANTAMUZIK)
06. Leonardo Chevy - Elektra (VIALOCAL RECORDINGS)
07. Leonardo Chevy - Ballshaped Lightning (AUDIOPHILE DEEP)
08. One Track Brain - The Hunt (Efdemin's Strong Winds Mix) (OTB RECORDS)
09. Leonardo Chevy - Rocking This Heat (VIALOCAL RECORDINGS)
10. Cloned - Prototype I (SOLID TRACKS RECORDS)
11. AKME - Radical Forgiveness (Original Mix) (OTAKE RECORDS)
12. Stephen Mahoney - Untitled A2 (DELINQUENT DELIVERY)