July 2nd 2024 - Science Cult RadioScience Cult Radio 038: Mika Regards

Mika Regards has been DJing and producing music since 2005 and is the co-founder of “Strange But Dance Music” podcast series that has been in operation since 2016. The purpose and objective of his podcasts are not only to explore all sorts of different facets of Electro and Experimental music but also to reveal the influence on music through the location of the artist. In the past, he has recorded mixes for Dark Science Electro, ARKADA, Modulations, ParallaX, BRAWLcast, Recreational Therapy, Only For Robots, Public House, Subtle Radio, Gladiocast, Elektropedia Analog K., Armen Crew, EMC, Tracklistings, Betamax.


1 051 Destroyer - Default 2022 [Lunar Orbiter Program]
2 Bla?ck Da?vil - Schna?ll Schna?ll (Rhyw Remix) [KILLEKILL]
3 Yraki - Percolate [Early Reflex]
4 COIDO - 7th Movement [YUKU]
5 Ben Pest X Kursa - Totally Kippered [Love Love]
6 Alec Pace - Future Now? (Stenny Remix) [Early Reflex]
7 Jan Loup - Mojo Nosae (Gamma Intel Remix) [Nerve Collect]
8 Costa - Ritual Mechanic [Natural Sciences]
9 Pretension All-Stars - All My Bloops Gone [Pretension]
10 Xen Chron - Return of The Drone Face [Fever AM]
11 Octoptic - Untitled 1 [WVWV]
12 Tensal - Squaring The Circle [Void+1]
13 EVUL - Like Glue [Antiburn]
14 Zeta Reticula - Binary Pair (Human Rebellion Remix) [Warehouse Manifesto]
15 Salome - Romance Malfunction [Herrensauna]
16 CR¥PTO ORD€R - Toxic Worship [ALTER]
18 drøn - Numerator (Syrte Spiral) [Science Cult]
19 Cocktail Party Effect - Invert [Tectonic]
20 Cressida - Let The Devil In [Shaw Cuts]
21 FaltyDL - Further [Central Processing Unit]
22 Ero?tica Castro - Club (Ex Atu?n) [WVWV]
23 Weith - Obscur [Brainwaves]