April 14th 2023 - Science Cult RadioScience Cult Radio 026: DJ BONEY S

With over two decades of club culture experience, Riet definitely has her own style despite only stepping behind the decks herself in 2020 as DJ BONEY S. She started out as a party organizer in her native Belgium before relocating to Germany where she was heavily involved in establishing the PARALLEL nights at Griessmühle, a staple of Berlin nightlife. As a former booker and label head, DJ BONEY S developed her style that is first and foremost shaped by one timeless medium: vinyl. She draws from classic 90s sounds and queer techno, traveling to otherworldly electro or industrial beats. Sometimes dreamy, sometimes pouncing — but always trippy — her sets invite you to close your eyes.

She is currently the resident of SLIME (Berlin) and SOUSAMI (Cyprus), female:pressure member and publishes the PRALL podcast series. She is also one half of DJ Frottée and of Hypnotist, both together with zikade.