July 26th 2021 - Science Cult RadioScience Cult Radio 011: Marco Bruno

Marco Bruno joins Science Cult Radio for episode 11!

Hailing from southern Italy and now based in Berlin, Marco Bruno is surfing on the waves of exploration and experimentation. Having released on labels such as Planet Rhythm, Machine Label, and most recently, Ben Sims’ imprint Symbolism – it’s no question as to why this young artist has been the staple for top players such as Dave Clark, Marcel Dettmann, The Advent, and many more.

During 2020, Marco also kickstarted his own label “Evighet” (etymologically coming from Swedish and meaning ‘Eternity’): a journey focused on describing identity shades, an anthropological storytelling format focused on how human personalities could evolve and define themselves on time. This is the most transcendental vision of Evighet in which Marco Bruno’s aim is to outline his interpretation of Electronic Music into an undefined temporal space.


1. nthng - Disappeared but Not Forgotten
2. Calibre - Chasm
3. Alleged Witches - Maintenance Tips for Heavy Equipment
4. Oxeenn - Discipline
5. Eomac - Mandate For Murder
6. Sindaco & Carli Moretti - Città dalle Notti Rosse
7. Eomac - Falling Through The Cracks
8. Velvet May - Things You’ll Never Know
9. Slacker - Nothing is Enough
10. Agonis - 0-Future ()
11. Kamarok - Frigidity
12. Sindaco & Carli Moretti - Come Sopra (Versione Subacquea)
13. Moin - It’s Never Goodbye