July 1st 2021 - Science Cult RadioScience Cult Radio 010: Jack McKenzie

Jack McKenzie is a high-school teacher who co-runs the Fixed Rhythms label and a specialty record shop in Oklahoma City called Nowhere Affiliated. For this all-vinyl mix, he mixes older and newer techno with some nutty curveballs sprinkled throughout, while drawing inspiration for his mixing style from two of his favorite DJs, Robert Armani and DJ Rush. 


1 Waverider "Training (Julian & Aaron Liberator Remix)" [Cluster]
2 Auto Kinetic "Moon Patrol" [Electric Music Foundation]
3 Frankie Bones "I Love It!" [Pro-Jex]
4 Richard Hinge "Untitled" [Remains]
5 Beau Wanzer "Alarm Men" [Ophism]
6 Jabes "Clown Tool" [Klunk]
7 Jeff Mills "Berlin" [Tresor]
8 Bios "Panfried" [Black Nation Records]
9 Russell E.L. Butler "Tout Va Bien" [Mister Saturday Night Records]
10 Cristian Varela "Soulfades" [Primate Recordings]
11 JDS "Reclone" [C&S Records]
12 Emilia Majello "Appetite (Wink's Delayed Vocal Mix)" [Hollywood Records]
13 D. Dan "Switchblade (Cyclical Mix)" [Kaos]
14 Denise Rabe "Outa Body (Perc Remix)" [Black Label Distillery]
15 Robert Hood "Clocks" [M-Plant]
16 Nine Inch Nails "Slipping Away" [Nothing Records]
17 Zombie Assassin "Powder Burns" [Molecular Recordings]
18 Unborn Twins "Afterbirth" [Pro-Jex]
19 Charlie Hall "Bad Dog!" [Pro-Jex]