April 3rd 2021 - Science Cult RadioScience Cult Radio 005: Rise Black

We welcome Rise Black to episode 005 of Science Cult Radio!

Soviet-bred, Seville-based DJ and producer Rise Black (Maxim Gkikaev) likes to associate with the raw sound of ebm, techno, and especially electro, after moving to Spain over ten years ago. Maxim is part of labels such as NNY, Moustache records, and Another Perspective – where 100 limited copies of his newest album can be found. Sailing along genres in his industrial conquest, this hour long, vinyl only set attests to his own particular sound while providing warehouse ravers what they want to hear.


1 Reptant- The Outcast [LKR]
2 Das Master - Gleichstellung [Fundamental]
3 Maelstrom - Naoned ( Feat Defekt) [Mechatronica]
4 Helena Hauff- Hyper-Intelligent Genetically Enriched Cyborg [Ninja Tune]
5 Rise Black - Caucasian UFO’s [ADJACENT POSSIBLE]
6 Defekt - Dimension Glider [AC Records]
7 Animistic Beliefs- Blind Submission [Brokntoys]
8 CYRK - Seen Unseen [Science Cult]
9 Fastgraph- VSAT [Klakson]
10 Reptant- Time Blind [Salt Mines]
11 Pollon- Lost Souls [Tresor]
12 Claro Intelecto- Tone [Delsin]
13 Jensen Interceptor- MCP [Dancetrax]
14 Mall Grab - Smash [Looking For Trouble]