About Science Cult

Music Is Nothing Without Meaning

Science Cult was started in 2019 by Stefan Weise (Syrte) and James Freer (Visions Of Glosters) with a vision: Physical media, high quality product design and meaningful narrative with a focus on boundary-pushing, futuristic underground and experimental music. Today operations are split between Stefan Weise (Syrte – Vinyl, Product Design, Mastering), Jimmy Freer (Visions Of Glosters – A&R, Promotions, Administration) and Alyssa Bejarano (Aura Nox – A&R, Promotions, Events).

The Devil in the Details

Our work ethic is to make every single release special in its own way and incorporate the artist’s vision and a unique narrative. We put a great deal of effort into making sure that everything is meticulously researched, crafted, iterated upon and refined. We want every release to become something that the artist will hold in high regard for its quality and attention to detail.

Encouraging Innovation & Artist Vision

Science Cult has become home to both exciting new artists as well as familiar faces looking for ways to push into new areas of their sound. It’s important for artists for have a solid base that promotes unhindered self-expression and it is our aim to be that.

DIY Centered Approach

Because of our emphasis on quality, we like being in control of as many parts of the release process as possible. This is why we master and promo all music in-house through our Six Sigma platform. Most artwork is created by us as well, or curated from a trusted network of skilled artists around the world. We obsess over every aspect of the manufacturing process for our Vinyl and CDs to make sure the final product is exactly as intended. We work very hard to make our artists feel that they have a home here and that their output is highly valued.

Where To Get Our Releases

Science Cult releases are available world-wide in these fine record shops amongst many more.