Review: Glitchmachines Tactic

Today we review one of our favorite plugin developers Glitchmachines brand new esoteric sampler and sequencer ‘Tactic‘. Known for their interesting approaches to sound design and modulation it’s almost a must to have one of their stellar line of products on our projects.

“Tactic is a percussive phrase generator geared towards metamorphic rhythms and evolving sequences.

Tactic features a host of sample slots and a master trigger sequencer supported by several modulation sequencers with features such as per-step probability, per-step parameter value designations and per-step randomization, giving you all the tools necessary to create anything from subtle percussive grooves to experimental hyperglitch chaos.

While Tactic can confidently stand on its own, the plugin truly comes to life when paired with our range of signal processing plugins such as Convex, Subvert, Cryogen, Quadrant and Fracture XT. You can of course also load your own samples and pair it with any of your favorite processors and effects chains to fully customize the plugin to your needs.

With its 8 Sample Slots, Trigger Sequencer with Per-Step Probability, Dual Per-Step Parameter Sequencers, Generative Sequencer, Comprehensive Randomizer, 640+ Factory Samples and 115 Factory Presets, Tactic brings a powerful new phrase generator to the world of electronic music production.”

Price: $49

– Fills a really interesting gap of probability sequencing and per step modulation changes. 
– Ability to drag samples in from your sample browser directly.
– Sample trigger sequencer with exact sample selection or random, probability, and loop modes to make interesting and evolving drum patterns and fills. 
– Ability to sequence 3 lanes of modulation changes with length and loop modes as well as depth. 

– No groove / swing option.
– Missing individual outs for separating out parts to their own tracks and no EQ or HPF or LPF options for sample slots. 
– No onboard FX or inter-plugin communication with their other FX lines.
– 16 step sequencer is a bit limiting (would love to see 32 step and more sequencing lanes for polyrhythm possibilities).
– Mono sample sequencer does not allow two samples to be played at once. 
– Randomization options majority of the time produced complete silence for our reviewers. 

While we feel like Tactic is a really unique and inspiring plugin, it seems a bit limited right now in terms of basic functionality. 

Rating: 7/10