Astra Spectra Vinyl Series

To Us, Music needs a narrative and a purpose

Astra Spectra, a name partially inspired by Science Fiction, is based around the idea of connecting the music with a larger story and giving all of the releases common ground – a purpose. That purpose is to convey a message and the idea of exploration and discovery. The best format for this, we felt, was Vinyl in limited colored runs. 

Earlier this year, Stefan Weise aka Syrte revealed the purpose behind the series and the first clue to what will be a series of stories closely tied to each release in the series:

Fraunhofer Lines

Stefan’s research into the absorption spectrum of our Sun

Every release in the “Astra Spectra” series has either a secret message embedded in it, a code, or a link to go to a page on the website. Some of you that own the first Vinyl may have noticed the inclusion of an unlisted 5th track (on the b-side) that sounds a bit like morse code and if you guessed that, you were correct. It was morse code asking you to “please visit”. There you will find 8 symbols with the first one in color. Click on that and you’ll be asked to enter a password.

For the first one the password is: 759.370 – the name of the EP, which is also the absorption frequency of Oxygen in our sun’s absorption spectrum (disclaimer: if i got this wrong, please correct me). This is also the reason the record is red (was supposed to be auburn, but custom vinyl colors are very expensive) and the atom diagram on the back label depicting oxygen.


Absorption spectrum research conducted by the University of Oxford Astrophysics division.

This is the overall theme of the Astra Spectra series and the reason it says “What You Discover, You Must Share” on the label. I wanted people to figure out this little puzzle and be entertained by a short story. There will be one of these for every release with the password hidden on the record, in a track or in some other form. I’m a huge sci-fi nerd with a passion for music and how it and futurism tie together. I hope you enjoy what i wrote and get a little entertainment out of it.

Every release in the series corresponds in color and name to an absorption frequency in the solar spectrum of our sun. This series isn’t about Science, but a celebration of our embracing of it and ultimately it’s about us as a species, a society of explorers free of borders and other hinderances, all in the spirit of discovery. 

What You Discover You Must Share